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About Tracy: 

Searching for relief from stress and anxiety that was affecting her quality of life, Tracy discovered Yoga in 1995. She quickly learned that it was the medicine she needed to help heal her exhausted mind and body, as well as live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Since then Tracy has studied many different styles of modern Yoga, from the strict alignment of Iyengar to the graceful rhythmic movement of Flow. She has been teaching asana and Yoga philosophy since 2006 and holds certifications in Kripalu Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, plus an advanced certification in Flow Yoga. She is currently immersed in the traditional inner liberation practices of Sri Vidya, a Goddess centered tradition that has reached our modern day through a lineage of awakened masters. (Sri = Beautiful or Auspicious, Vidya = Wisdom, or of the Vedas.) After many years of her own intensive study and practice with her primary teacher, Maa Uma Parvathi Nath, Tracy has become an authorized teacher of Sri Vidya practices.

Tracy has a very practical approach in teaching asana as a soft, sometimes flowing form that gradually strengthens the container of the body for the inevitable increase of prana and the flow of shakti. In every class, whether a restorative floor practice or a high energy flow, there is an emphasis on changing the breath through movement, increasing awareness, and releasing as much unnecessary holding as possible. All of this is guided within a constant intention to de-sensitize the nervous system and heal and awaken all levels of being.

As a meditation guide, Tracy’s guidance is born out of the context of liberation which is the primary intention of the Yoga practice. This intention is one that goes beyond countering stress and anxiety and addresses the root cause of human suffering which is ignorance, or forgetting who we are beyond our physical existence and the many different ways we present ourselves in the world. For this ongoing process of recognizing our true nature, we begin in meditation practices that deepen embodiment, relaxation, presence and awareness, on the meditation  cushion as well as in the world and day to day living.  

A passionate Yogini, Tracy is also a feminist, animal lover who enjoys gardening and spending time outside in the elements, witnessing and cultivating beauty. 




A 75 minute practice that aims for moving the spine in six simple directions while nourishing the hips and shoulders with easy movements. Includes gentle floor stretches, occasional standing postures and restorative poses. Over time we’ll deepen into more and more stillness and in-turn prepare the body and mind for deep relaxation and seated meditation in the final 15 minutes.


An energetic 75 minute practice moving the spine in at least six simple directions while aiming to open the hips and shoulders. The emphasis in this practice is engaging effort with just a light touch while exploring a wide range of movement across the body. This approach leads one to experience active embodiment, versus a workout with over effort. The movement eventually cools down with floor postures, deep relaxation and a brief meditation. This practice deepens one's connection to the breath and brings an overall sense of wellbeing.




Friday, September 10th, 7 - 9pm 

Learn a Ganesh ritual that you can do at home for longevity, health, wealth,

strength, fullness, great name, creativity and freedom from limitation.

Outer rituals support the inner practices of meditation. Outer rituals like Maha Ganapati Tarpanam also benefit the natural environment - nature and the elements, your home, as well as those you live with. 

Gather elements in advance for this online class: 

 • enough turmeric powder to make a small pyramid

 • leaf (one that has the shape like a lotus bud, or oval) 

 • med - large plate with a little depth/lip

 • pot of clean water, kailash or a lg bowl

• kum kum (optional)

 • tulasi leaves, dried or fresh (optional)

 • pinch of uncooked rice (optional)

 • spoon (optional)

You can use every day items to learn this ritual, though you may want to find copper or brass puja implements

to increase beauty and the flow of Ganapati’s field of consciousness. 

If you'd like to have traditional vessels, tulasi and kum kum for this ritual, you can try this site:

Sliding scale pricing $20 - $35. Register in advance and gather the elements for the ritual. 



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